Command line client for RHEL/CentOS 8?

Are you planning to release an RPM for RHEL/CentOS 8 soon?

So far I used my servers via nextcloudcmd using ( ( to synchronize data with my Nextcloud server.

However, there is only one RPM for CentOS 7.

If it is included in the AppImage I could not access it yet. My servers don’t have a graphical interface either.

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Why should it be necessary to create/provide a RPM to install one single script on a server? Download the script, copy it to a directory, set the execution rights - have fun :wink:

Sorry, I obviously didn’t express myself clearly. The script “” is not a problem and is already executable :slight_smile:
But the script needs “nextcloudcmd” which was part of the RPM in CentOS 7. Or is there another way? does not imply that.

I don’t know “nextcloudcmd” but you can mount any WebDAV share on a Linux console and access files, calendars or contacts data. Due to the fact that you’re acting on the console you can e.g. use rsync to sync it or you give cadaver a try.