Coming from dropbox

I am using PCLOS KDE and coming from Dropbox. I have installed and tried to get started with NextCloud 16.0.1. I got totally confused about registering with a provider and hosting my own server. I apparently registered with a provider because when I put in my email I am told that I already have an account. When I go to sign in I am supposed to put in a server address. I have no idea what that is or where to get it. Should I just start over with a different email address or can someone point me in the right direction?

I don’t understand. Where are you putting your email? How did you install Nextcloud? Is it installed on your home server? If yes, then use your home network to connect. It’s IP is propably starting 192. and so on. If it’s installed on hosting company’s / provider’s server then check your registering email or company’s faq.
There are so many ways to install and use Nextcloud. So it’s better to give more detailed information about your problem and what kind of environment you use to run Nextcloud.

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I didn’t know that Nextcloud had anything to do with email. I use Yahoo and Gmail for email. I am totally ignorant about a server and a network. I have a desktop and a laptop. They are both connected to the internet; the desktop by wire and the laptop by wifi. I have been using dropbox for years and just recently switched pCloud. pCloud came out with a new version and it is no longer working for me so I was looking for another cloud app for backup and sync. I found Nextcloud in the programs that PCLOS shows in Synaptic and installed it. From there it seems to be more complicated. I am unsure what I need to do next. Perhaps I will just abandon the idea of Nextcloud and find another program to use.

Nextcloud is not by itself a hosted service like Dropbox or google drive. There are many places you can rent your own server with Nextcloud preinstalled, but only few that can be used without paying ( comes to mind, donations recommended).

But of course with Dropbox or Google Drive you pay with your personal data and privacy… so in the end Nextcloud will IMHO cost you less :wink:

Thank You for explanation. I think you should try Nextcloud Docker. It’s quite easy to install with a guide. I can’t recommend any, but you’ll find some guides easily. I also recommend to use popular linux distro like Ubuntu. It’s easier to get help.

Nextcloud is bit as DIY, and not complete service package. You have to understand many things related to servers, public IP addresses also configuring whole this mess and many other things. its not like dropbox, as you registering with your email and start using it. I think you in wrong position choosing Nextcloud. But I’m quite sure that this is bit Nextcloud team fuckup, as NX displayed in marked in same shelwes as Dropbox or other cloud storage services.

If you want a self-hosted replacement, you’re in the right place, but you need a sysadmin to set up the server for you.

Please disregard this post. I am just a self-taught home user and don’t understand a lot that is being said. I do appreciate the attempts to help me but I need something simpler it seems.