Combine NC with project management + forum +wiki

Dear NC community,

call me blind, but I couldn’t find any opensource, self-deployable solution with those features:

  • offline + sync file sharing (would be NC)
  • project management
  • forum
  • wiki

The only thing what comes close (without offline feature) is the exo collaboration platform, but offline+sync is only included in the enterprise edition (and exo is too slow anyway).

So, if I’m blind, which open-source solution has all of above features? If there isn’t anything out there, can somebody give me some experiences which platforms are best to combine? I know redmine, could this be a workable solution?



I like to combine NC + wekan + discourse + mediawiki.

What kind of integration are you looking for between these apps?


Hello Pierreozoux,

thanks for your reply and thanks for the links of other projects

The integration should be:

  1. external link within nextcloud to the other platform(s)
  2. direct links from the platform(s) to files in NC (with permissions based on group membership in NC).

ad 2) this should work with the permalinks (local link) but I think actually does not, see: Permalinks don't work with files (owncloud #11732 not implemented while mentioned in NC10 features)

ad 1) there is the external app, but this doesn’t work with any platform I tried so far. I also don’t need the other platform in an iFrame but just a link opening a new tab.

I would prefer only one additional platform next to NC - otherwise it would get too complicated. Tiki Groupware seems to be able to do everything, I think I will have a look at it how to best combine it with NC.

I like Redmine also, but I don’t like the wiki of it (outdated) and I don’t know wether redmine has a forum.

I’m interested to learn about Tiki, so please do post here to let us
know your findings!