Combine LDAP field value with string to generate email address

Dear all

I am running Nextcloud 16.0.1 at a University Department for app. 40 users. Users authenticate through the University LDAP server over which I have no control, i.e. no write access and only access to the field UID which holds a unique user ID. Hence, I cannot access email addresses on LDAP either and it seems not possible to add an email address post hoc through nextcloud for an LDAP user.

The question is: In the Nextcloud LDAP config (Advanced/Special Attributes/Email Field), is it possible to combine an ldap field value (e.g. UID = “myuser”) with a string (e.g. “”) to generate the email address? This would offer me a workaround as "" is a valid email address.

Thanks so much for any hints!