Colour in Theming not applying to current user

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PHP version (eg, 7.4): 8.0.27

The issue you are facing:
I changed the Nextcloud Theming colour, but it only seems to apply to any new accounts created, the original account remains on the default colour.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Enter Admin Option
  2. Go to Theming panel and change the colour
  3. Observe

Is this a problem that is fixable?

It seems that I have similar issue. I believe when I created the first user, I had really dark Color set in Theming of Administration Settings. Now I cannot see some of the icons, e.g.:

while other users can see them properly:

Is there a way to fix this?

Is this the Custom Menu / Side Menu app on your screenshots?

Try to delete your browser cache. If that doesn’t help open an issue here: Issues - side_menu - Gitnet

That’s the side menu of the PhoneTracker app. The same issue shows up e.g. in here, in the Personal Info:

Broken user:

Correct one:

The value of this color must be stored in the database, right? Maybe I could change it manually? :thinking:

I just tried to reproduce the issue, but I did not found a full reproduction:

  • as admin: the Color was blue
  • as admin: changed the Color to pink
  • as admin: created a new user
  • as user: logged in, user avatar was pink, the controls were pink
  • ad admin: changed the Color to blue
  • as user: the controls became blue, but the avatar remained pink

Heh, I found the underlying issue. This is due to a misleading UI. Take a look at this:

I was under the impression that this tile changes the background to given color, but it has nothing to do with background - this is the override of the default Theming → Color setting.

I had this set to dark blue, that’s why changes to Color in admin panel had no effect on my user’s icon colors

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