Collectives - formating questions

Hi everyone,

I am a new Collectives user, with little technical background (mostly sales/marketing background). So I run into two questions while using collectives. One is that I noticed that for example when I save my work, I then have the old version show up and the new one. One could say that I have the same information twice, this happens oft enough so that I have to go back and delete.

Also another question, while creating another vocabulary table. I open the table, add the information, save it and it looks well. But then after I access it again it is unformatted.
See my example below:

Prepared table with necessary info, saved, and it looks good:

Once it is saved, I return to my page and I find my table like this:

Has anyone else encounter this and how did you solve it? Any tips are greatly apprecited!


Dear Claudia,

which Nextcloud and Collectives versions do you run? Both issues you describe should be fixed in the latest Nextcloud 28 and 29 versions. Maybe you can try to update?

Hi Jonas, thank you for your quick response! We happen to run version 28 (v28.0.5). But I have contacted our IT support to verify if they could run another update. Maybe upgrading to version 29 will work.

Hi mejo, we maintain the affected Nextcloud instance. Nextcloud runs on the latest patch version v28.0.5 as well as the following apps:

  • circles: 28.0.0
  • collectives: 2.10.1

Upgrading to the latest major version v29.0.0 is not yet a viable option.