Collectives 0.18.22 released

We just released Nextcloud Collectives 0.18.22, with the following changes:


  • :open_file_folder: Allow to configure folder for collectives per user (#275).


  • :arrow_forward: Only initialize collectives folder if user has collectives (#238).
  • :sunrise_over_mountains: Various minor UI tweaks. Thanks to ya-d for suggestions (#271).
  • :pencil2: Improve edit button experience while loading editor (#268).
  • :link: Open external links in new window.
  • :speaking_head: Fixed usage of german formal translation (#227).
  • :page_facing_up: Ellipsise long page titles (#255).
  • :zap: Numerous fixes to the storage backend implementation.
  • :mag_right: Improve unified search experience (#277).


  • :speaking_head: Slovenian translation added thanks to Matej U.
  • :speaking_head: Spanisch translation added thanks to larusalka.
  • :speaking_head: German translation updated thanks to Joachim Sokolowski.