Collaboratively taking notes on mobile: What to use?

Hi, I’m new to Nextcloud and there is one use case I haven’t found a good solution for so far. Maybe someone with a better overview of the available apps and their features could give me an advice on what to use?

We need a solution to collaboratively keeping notes and lists from our (Android) mobile devices. So users should be able to scribble ideas/todos down from wherever they are and the rest of the users should be able to edit, extend and remark on it. So basically I need some mobile app that can create multiple text notes with basic formating and let other users edit them.

I’ve found several notes apps (I really liked carnet) but none seems to be able to easily share notes (or only by some hacky-solution like sharing the folder with no control what happens in case of conflicts).

Is there any other App I could use for this? Or maybe some part of an “bigger” solution that could be used for this purpose?

The default Nextcloud client support collaborative editing by using Nextcloud Text in the background as far as i know. Have you tried that already?

No I haven’t - well that was much easier than expected. :grinning: Thank you!