Collaboration Solution for a small team of people

Hello at all,

A good friend of mine has a kitchen studio with about seven employees. He wants to digitalize a few things, so i thought Nextcloud would be the best option for this. After researching a bit, i haven’t found what I was looking for, so I think the forum is a good place for my question.

The Situation in short. He wants a calendar for his two teams, where he can attach PDFs, Documents etc in this calendar to an appointment with a customer. The other team has ipads and needs to get these files offline. In short, he creates and updates appointments on a pc, the team comes in the store at the morning, synchronize the calendar, download all the attachments, and when they come back, they synchronize the same way back.

I havent’ found an option for this with the normal nextcloud installation. Not even an addon for this. The nextcloud calendar which comes with the installation hasn’t an option to attach files to it.

This would be enormous important, same for the offline-sync.

If you need any further information, just let me know. Thank you for your help in advance! :slight_smile:

Maybe a nocode solution like Fibery, airtable, Coda, or Notion would fit. But you’d still have to figure out the calendar aspect… hmm. I haven’t come across any calendar apps like that besides using a shared Google calendar or something to that effect.

What you could do in nextcloud is create a folder for every day of the month and upload the files there. It’s not as elegant or visual but it would have the same outcome of sharing and syncing.

Thank you for your answer. Well, even when they make a folder for every day, how do I attach that to the appointment in the calendar? It’s hard to believe that NC doesn’t have an solution for that.

Someone mentioned that uploading in a Nextcloud folder and copying the link may fix the calendar problem. So do you have to copy the link manually for that?

Not sure. Nextcloud kinda sucks for me now. They are more focused on their large enterprise clients than for the SME. Basic things like syncing large folders crash the program. I believe it isn’t a stable app unless you pay for enterprise support, but the minimum is too high for most people.

I found a pretty good collaborative calendar app that might fit your use case: - I think this fits what you’re looking for.