Collabora WOPI authentication with password for nextcloud


Where to add authentication (admin and passwd) of collabora for nextcloud?
There is only (on nextcloud) Admin > Collabora Online
where you can only set Collabora Online server link, but no authentication.

I do not want to let all the internet to be able to use my

docker run -t -d -p -e "domain=api\\.domai\\.com" \
        -e "username=admin" -e "password=S3cRet" --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code

When I connect with no authentication setup it shows me:

Unauthorized WOPI host. Please try again later and report to your administrator if the issue persists.

should I put login information into config.php ? Did not find in-depth documentation for collabora

ubuntu 16.04.2
apache2 2.4.18

Nextcloud 12

Collabora latest from docker hub

I guess you have to add a line with your nextcloud domain inside docker in /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml

<host desc="Regex pattern of hostname to allow or deny." allow="true"></host>

Or use WOSI as your nextcloud domain?

I am confused.

You need to allow your Nextcloud host in /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml. This can be set from docker command line with the domain environment variable. Make sure you spelled the host name correctly.

The username and password environment variables set the credentials for Collabora Online Admin Console, it is a different thing.