Collabora with self signed local domain

Dear All,

I hope you are doing great. I have installed nextcloud and I highly appreciate the work community has done.

I require some help.
I installed the preconfigured VM and everything works fine. I have also issued a self signed certificate for my local domain i.e.

I also installed Collabora at the time of installing the VM. But when I get the following error

Can anyone please point me to the right direction.

HEllo… please anyone help

Does not work - you need a valid certificate of a CA.

Ok, thanks for your help.

I am a bit new to this. Is it possible that I use a dynamic dns from dyndns and forward it to my nextcloud ?

Sure if you can install a valid SSL certificate.

Well that’s hopeful.

Many thanks for your reply.

Is there any guide on how i can do that?

Many thanks. Ill try today and share my results.

I am facing some routing issues that is why I cannot enable that. (that router does not allow port 80 or 443 to be forwarded)

Sorry for disturbing and asking silly questions, is it possible that I change my internet router and then generate the certificates and install that old router back? will it keep working or does it always go to the internet to check something? I will not be using nextcloud over the internet, only on the local network.

You can do it that way but every 6 months you will need to renew LE certs. Af far as I know renewing LE certs wont require 44/80 port after the initia install