Collabora using old IP address for WOPI


Thank you in advice for any points in the right direction.

I have a Ubuntu server using LXD containers for Nextcloud and Collabora which are on seperate containers.

I set it up sometime ago and have had no issues so far until I swapped ISP and the static IP has changed.

I have gone to my Collabora server and ensured that the loolwsd.xml was correct with the new IP address and saved it.

I have tried to open up files using Collabora but it failed to open up the file stating
Failed to read document from storage

I have then looked at the loolwsd log using journalctl and found that collabora is trying to connect to the old IP address
Feb 15 18:42:18 libreoffice loolwsd[359]: wsd-00359-00438 2021-02-15 18:42:18.075934 [ docbroker_003 ] ERR Cannot get file info from WOPI storage uri [https://my.nextcloud.address/index.php/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/10270_ocncewvfze5u?access_token=XXXXXXXXXaccess_token_ttl=0]. Error: Timeout: connect timed out: OLD IP ADDRESS:443| wsd/Storage.cpp:632

Any point in the right direction is welcome.

I have reset the container with updated loolwsd.xml file after adding the correct IP address and removing the old but I canโ€™t find where collabora is getting the old IP address from.

For those in a similar situation, the solution for me was to go into
Then edit the hosts file and change to the new ip address.