Collabora Standalone Server question

Hi All,

I would like to install a standalone Collabora server on ubuntu.

Currently have a working NC ubuntu behind a reverse proxy nginx ubuntu server.

Planning on putting the collabora server behind same proxy

My question, Does Collabora server require ports 80/443 open, if it only will be used within NC?


It does.
If for nothing else, you don’t want to expose http default collabora endpoint on its defaul port 9980. You want the http and the websocket to be TLS secured via certificates, that’s why it needs to go behind reverse proxy.

On top of it, It does not matter it is used “only within NC”, your collabora needs to accept requests from the public IP / domain of your NC.

Once you got Collabora behind nginx, don’t forget to modify the coolwsd.xml groups hosts/alias alllow list for the host to be able to access collabora.

Here’s a good example of nginx config for collabora - we based ours on this example. We terminate TLS at the nginx side (therefore ssl.enable=false in the coolwsd.xml config)

Hope it helps!

I have a dedicated (ubuntu) server running CollaboraOnline Websocket Daemon (COOLWSD)
I simply forward port 9980 from my router to that host and do not use/need any proxy at all.

It is with the same domain name, in other words only one wildcard certificate is needed. With a litle script, those certificates are synched from one to the other server any time they get renewed.

The coolwsd can do all the ssl stuff itself.

Much and good luck,

Thank you guys for clarifying this,

My setup is a vm dedicated for each server on a kvm host server.

currently the collabora, NC and the proxy are on 3 different dedicated vm’s (all ubuntus)

The nginx proxy server is also serving the letsencrypt certs.

I used docker to install the collabora server, I believe that this is the source of my issues. Usually avoid dockers/snaps when spinning up vm’s, because I don’t know where docker put everything I normally find a regular install puts stuff.

Because the coolwsd.xml config file is not where I think it’s supposed to be: “/etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml”, there is no coolwsd folder at all in /etc

And I have no coolwsd service installed either:

systemctl status coolwsd
Unit coolwsd.service could not be found

I do know that the nginx conf file on the proxy server is functioning, because I am getting a default nginx landing page from the collabora server.

I think that I will remove this docker stuff and reinstall collabora using a proper repository setup instead.

Maybe I am getting lazy in my old age, LOLOL


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