Collabora Spreadsheet HYPERLINK() bug?

So like in OpenOffice I am simply trying to use the HYPERLINK() function with the contents being the result of a forumla. Exmaple:


However the link includes the CONCATENATE function, not the result of it. This isn’t the functionality of Open or Libre

bump this please

I can confirm collabora doesn’t perform calculation of CONCATENATE formula before calculating HYPERLINK result


but this is a wrong place to report this issue - please reach out to collabora community

this is easily reproducible.

  • while =SUM(1+(1*2)) shows right result “3”
  • =HYPERLINK(SUM(1+(1*2))) shows text “3” within a cell
    – but generates a hyperlink http://SUM(1+(1*2))


HYPERLINK formula seems buggy in fact…

@wwe thanks, I will sign up and report it over there along with the other issue I have.

However I thought that here would be correct now that it is being called Nextcloud Office in my UI?

I tested using plain Collabora docker - so it looks the bug exists in plain Collabora and was not introduced through NC adoption. this is the reason to report the issue as early as possible in the chain.

I have reported on their forum and confirmed it’s a bug

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