Collabora Reconnecting every 150 seconds (NC12.0.0)

I just had a phone call, during which the active and open document just reset the cursor to position one. This happened several times. So I set out to time it after the call. It is roughly ever 2 minutes and 25 seconds without any input and the Document gets reloaded and connection reestablished. Scrolling through the document is enough to prevent this. But the experience really isn’t enhanced by this at all.

I have not yet looked into my fixed time out settings concerning my nextcloud install. But I can see this being a problem for someone reading through a document wanting to make corrections – getting distracted for a short while only to have lost focus on where they were in the document and put back to the very top of it.

I’ll now look into the times I have set in my config. But I have a feeling this might be related to either the Collabora App, or lool itself.

‘session_lifetime’ => 10800,
‘session_keepalive’ => true,