Collabora - read only documents

I’ve installed CODE with manual and it works fine except one thing - document editing. All documents open in readonly mode. Also i can create a new document but as result - empty readonly list on my screen :frowning:
What should i do to solve this problem? Which information i need to provide? I found nothing in logs about write errors.

Hey keir_ru,
I just had the same issue…
The solution is very very easy: go into your owncloud/nextcloud where you install your apps. There will be an update for the collabora online (richdocuments) app. Just install the update and everything runs fine again :))

Have fun.

You right, after update to version 1.1.4 editing works fine!
Thank you!

Well, I’ve got the same issue, but version number is 1.1.14, and there is no update in the folder. Yesterday, I could update from the Admin Console in the front end, and now, all documents are readonly. Isn’t 1.1.14 newer than 1.1.4? How can I update (or downgrade) to 1.1.4? My users would like to use Collabora again asap …

I’ve made a mistake in version number, sorry. My current version is 1.1.14. And it newer than 1.1.4.
Previous version can be found here

Ok, but then, the issue is still here. You wrote that after update to version 1.1.14 everythin worked well. Do I have to downgrade for being able to read/write?

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