Collabora problems

I installed a NC (version 20.0.5) on my domain and also on my local computer and installed Collabora Built-in CODE Server and Collabora online. On my local installation it works fine and I can edit office files but if I activate Collabora Online on my domain installation NC becomes extremly slow, any action takes several minutes. It is impossible to work with NC in a normal manner.
Can someone help?

+1 get the same issue.
Do you also use a reverse proxy?

did one of you guys come up with the idea of asking your hosting provider about issue first?

In my case no hosting provider issue.
Found some issues on the code server github page that describe the problem. But no solution yet

you see why it is important to always give out as much information as possible when posting a problem?

it would be nice if you would link them here so that you would earn yourself a “solution”-award…

Was a little in a hurry when i answered to the thread.

The github issue is this one:

Unfortunately there is no solution so far and the last post is more than a year old.

In my case it is really easy to reproduce.
Install the code server, install collabora and the external access instantly slow down to 2 min loading time. Remove the collabora stuff and normal loading times. With the lokal ip address everything works fine.
As mentioned my ncp instance is behind a ngnix proxy.

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