Collabora Online under Nextcloud 12.0.4


today i installed Collabora Online with Docker.
How does the Docker Container Communicate with my Virtual Host? I didnt undestand that.
How do i need to setup my Apache Virtual Host, the Configuration from the Tutorial did not work for me, maybe its outdated?
And yes, i did replace the Domain in the .conf file with my own and i checked this twice.

I have got the Subdomains:, where my Nextcloud already is running., for Collabora like it was recommended.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Never mind, i found out, thats because of the actual TLS-SNI issue of Letsencrypt… :confused:

Ok i got the Certificate working now for
I did everything like described in the manual but now when i try to open a Document, i get the following Error:
Internal Server Error
Technical Details:

Entfernte Adresse:
Anfragekennung: 1iiveBJWvUFHKKFia0d8

Does this mean the Cloud is not properly connected to Collabora? What can i check?

The Docker image and the Apache Host seems to run properly.

In the Nextcloud settings i set the Collabora server to

What does

grep allow=\"true\" /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml | grep Regex

say? (or whereever your loolwsd.xml is)

It says Path not found, where should this file be when i followed the guide from Nextcloud for Collabora? Or do i need to install this additionally? Then i think it was not mentioned in the guide…

I used docker, so it must be somewhere in that container, but where?

@Thomas_Stein Edit: Ich hab grad gesehen dass du Deutsch kannst, also kannst mir gerne auch so antworten :wink: