Collabora Online on webhosting: configuration?

hi there,

pretty confused re: Collabora Online on webhosting over here: in layman’s terms (and I’d be grateful if you got back to me like you’re speaking to a 4-year old kid), I’m not running Nextcloud 20.0.7 on my own server/laptop: it’s installed on the server of my web-hosting provider.

I’m an editor and thought: brilliant, I can now work on in real-time with my colleagues. So, I installed Collabora Online - as an app, i.e., I logged in my and downloaded from there. I also tried to download " Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server": I tried both versions, and neither will install, for some reason.

Bottom line: if I click on a word.doc from within my, I get this message: “Collabora online is not set up yet, etc”. I click on it, and it takes me to the page as on the screenshot in attachment. The option in the middle is greyed out (impossible to install the CODE server). The first option: no idea what it is for…or whether it’s relevant to me at all.

Can you please help? many thanks in advance.