Collabora online menu language

First, I have to say thank you for all the work collabora developers did.
I run collabora on my own nextcloud server (thank’s also to the nexcloud developers) on a debian 9 system.
I use the cloud only in a german language environment. So the default user interfaces are in german. Is there a way to get/create a german user interface for collabora online?

Kind regards, Roland

I use also the german setting in my nextcloud an my collabora-menu is also in german. Which installation method of Collabora are you using?

Docker? Manual Installed?

I don’t use docker. I installed the packages collabora offers for debian 9:
deb ./

It’s a test installation in a virtualbox environment.

Kind regards, Roland

So I found the solution by myself.
I had to install the packages locales, tzdata, console-data and console-setup. After that I used the command dpkg-reconfigure in each case to set up a swiss german environment. Then I set up the german language in nextcloud.

Now I have the collabora menu in the german language.

Kind regards, Roland