Collabora Online loolwsd.xml

Hi Friends!
I’m installing (not yet completely) Collabora Online from native Debian package management.
Now I’m wondering how compile the Collabora config file “loolwsd.xml” for a little community basic usage.

I’ve not seen any examples about “loolwsd.xml”, could you suggest me if they exist, some basic examples? Or what are the points that most frequently should be customized?

Many thanks!

These are the two examples I used when I set up Collabora Online:

I installed it on Arch Linux with Nginx alongside my Nextcloud install. I used the same domain as my Nextcloud install and just added the loolwsd snippets to the end of the Nginx Nextcloud confing. It worked the first try, I was amazed. I am not sure if it was luck or just a simple installation.

I hope this helps

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In the meantime I’ve completed the Collabora Online installation, and understand better the loolwsd syntax.
However very interesting your examples!
When I opened this post I was stuck between SSL on both ends and SSL terminates at the proxy ->

Then, understood this, also thanks to this reading, I applied method two and the solution appeared to me :wink:

Thanks Smith!