Collabora online document create options missing for public users


I found out that public users as NC-users have both the Collabora options in their shares, but if public users want to open a new document, the access to collabora online is denied.

Is there a solution?


I just read the following information on the Collabora online website

Users can insert and reply to comments and invite others
without a Nextcloud account for anonymous editing of files with a public link shared folder.


Ahโ€ฆI just found out that there was a misunderstanding by me. The collabora online-options (the icons new document etc) only appeared after public login because I was also logged in as NC-user at the same browser! So by default the collabora options DO NOT appear for the public users.

A NC-user can create an open office file and share it to the public with the permission โ€œopen and editโ€. In this case the public user is able to open this file, a guest-login window appears and the public user is able to edit the file.

But the public user is not able to create open office files himself, because the collabora options are still missing for him. Is there a solution?