Collabora Online / CODE


I’m very new to NextCloud so this may seem a bit basic.

I have installed NextCloud on a JustHost shared web-server and it seem to work (mostly).
The server runs on Linux and uses cPanel for admin.
I created a sub-domain, uploaded setup-nextcloud.php and ran it.
I’m using PostgreSQL for the database.

The problem I’m having is with Collabora Online. The demo server works and I’d like to use the in-built CODE. But the installation fails.

I allowed the NewCloud installation to install the default apps including CODE. But CODE didn’t install. There is just one line in error_log which is;
[29-Jan-2021 13:20:12 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 27262976) (tried to allocate 362969696 bytes) in /home1/obcouk1/public_html/jam/lib/private/Installer.php on line 287

This is line 287 of Installer.php;
$verified = (bool)openssl_verify(file_get_contents($tempFile), base64_decode($app[‘releases’][0][‘signature’]), $certificate, OPENSSL_ALGO_SHA512);

It isn’t obviously related to CODE.

The majority of the information I can find on installing CODE seems to be related to installations on own hardware rather than a remote web-server.

I’d appreciate a little guidance on this; even if it’s just to say, “you can’t do that”.



I have just come back to this after updating to NC 20.0.8 and trying again.

I have increased the PHP memory limit and had the webhost technical support check it. But I still have the same issue.

[10-Mar-2021 13:38:26 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 31457280) (tried to allocate 229524152 bytes) in /home1/obcouk1/public_html/jam/lib/private/Installer.php on line 287

I’d be grateful for any suggestions.