Collabora Online cannot parse the proper customer port on nc 22.2

Hi all, I am using CODE docker latest on custom port 8443 with Nginx reverse proxy with NC 22.2. everything is set up properly and I can test the connection with the Collabora Online plug in the Nextcloud and access the admin pages of CODE server properly.

Screenshot 2021-10-27 171242

However, when I try to edit a doc document, it results in an error that the web URL is not available. The below error message seems that the plugin does not add the correct port by append:8443 on the Collabora server URL.

However when I append manually in the browser with :8443, it can access the CODE server properly, please see below. Is it a bug or somewhere I can configure a custom port with configuration files?

Here is the screenshot on manual append port 8443 shows the server can initialize properly