Collabora Online Built-in Code Server and Welcome Banner

hello all,

I use Nextcloud in version 23.0.3 and the Collabora Online Built-in Code Server in version 21.11.306. I also use Debian 11.

Nextcloud and the apps - especially Collabora Code Server - are all up to date.

I don’t use Nextcloud as a Docker image and I don’t want to change this at the moment.

When opening Office files within nextcloud Collabora Code server shows a Welcome banner.

This banner can be closed with a few clicks, but it appears every time and therefore this is very annoying.

According to my Internet research there should be 2 configuration files related to that behaviour:


The welcome popup should be disabled with this snippet:

<welcome> <enable type="bool" desc="Controls whether the welcome screen should be shown to the users on new install and updates." default="false">false</enable>

But that has no effect on my installation.

Access rights are :
-rw-r–r-- 1 lool lool 18150 12. Apr 11:37 /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml

Do you have some idea ? Can you help me ?

What else can I try ?

Thanks and Regards,

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Seems to be an on-going issue, with some pushback and disagreement.

And here is the previous discussion on Nextcloud repo

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