Collabora online app -- eternal loading


Please help me solve this problem.
Basically Collabora IS working, and was working pretty well, until I dumped all my “many hundreds” of office files to the Nextcloud.

I pressed “office” button and now every time I try to open the document, I get redirected to this “Loading documents…” page.

It’s been like this for several hours already. I will leave it till morning and will see how it’s going to work.
Please let me know if anybody else having this problem? I have maybe up to 1000 word and excel document… maybe 1500 max.

Below is the screenshot and the last log:
Out of memory (allocated 62914560) (tried to allocate 48066928 bytes) at /var/www/

how much memory (max mem size) did you set for php?

It was 512… OMG!

OMG I think this page doesn’t exist anymore! In the new version of Collabora connector this page was removed or something and I think this is why I get permission denied now in this thread:

Basically when I dumpled all my files, I got this Loading documents when I clicked on the “office” in Apps. it broke something and any time I would try to open a document it would re-direct me to this “Lodaing documents” page. Then I updated collabora connector app, and in the new version I suspect that “Office” from apps is removed so I get access denied now, which is described in the thread above…

now the problem is, even after clean install I get Access forbidden page…

Okay, I’m closing this ticket, after rolling back and updating step-by-step it worked… this page doesn’t exist in NC11 so no biggie. Thanks for looking into this!