Collabora on subdomain works just for a day (Yunohost)

i am running Nextcloud on a Yunohost server on “domain.tld”. And I am running on the same server a collabora server under “office.domain.tld”.

The subdomain connects via a CNAME entry that points to the main domain.
The server is located at home and connects via DYNdns.

This setup is running fine for one day. As my FritzBox get’s a new public IP in the middle of the night Nextcloud isn’t accepting the Collabora server anymore. But the subdomain is still working in the browser. Only Nextcloud doesn’t accept it anymore.

If I refresh the SSL zertificat of the subdomain in Yunohost, it will run until the next IP change. But this is not a solution.

Do you have any idea what the problem is?

Thanks for your help,

this sounds little weird for me as certificate’s in general have nothing to do with IP’s but only with hostnames… From your description I would guess your “Nextcloud instance” caches the IP of your “Collabora instance” so it fails to connect with it once the IP changes.

AFAIK Nextcloud doesn’t access Collabora at all - in general it is the client`s duty to reach out to Collabora instance and provide right URI to get access to files served by Nextcloud. You can check if the client has access to your Collabora instance when you visit Collabora check URI: "https://<your collabora domain>/hosting/discovery"

That sounds possible. Any idea what I can do about it?

I talked about Nextcloud in general which included the Collabora client.

Thanks for your help!

I would start looking for source of the problem (using ping to know which data the system really uses):

  • check which IP your client resolves from internal network
  • which IP you get from the internet
  • login to your Nextcloud server and review the IP

after you isolated the system which doesn’t update properly take a look how you can force the refresh of DNS cache…

I’m not aware of any

  • do you talk about the web service?

Nextcloud Server and Collabora Server are hosted on the same machine. They are both installed under yunohost. The internal IP is the same.

But I am going to figure out how to refresh the DNS cache of the whole server. This should solve the problem I hope.

Thanks for your help!

I meant the collabora connect app which is required to connect to the collabora server by nextcloud.