Collabora on Android = ReadOnly?

Hi everybody,

I’m using Collabora Online and CODE for a while now and just came across this:

Wenn I use Nextcloud on Android with any browser and open or create a office document the document opens in th Collabora but seems to be some sort of read only … all buttons are greyed out and I am not able to edit anything.

Opening exactly the same document on a normal PC works fine, I can edit it.

The same problem is in the Nextcloud App on Android.

Nextcloud: 16.0.3
Collabora Online Addon: 3.3.15
CODE Docker Container: latest tag from today

Android: 9

Any hint?
Thx in advance

Hi @snoopy,

I have the same problem … do you have solution for it?


Try using the firefox browser, with the user agent switcher and manager. If you set your browser to a desktop machine, you should be able to edit it. Interface isn’t great for a mobile screen, but is pretty awesome when plugged into a monitor. Good luck!