Collabora on a VM

I am running a NC instance in a VM (19.0.5) Everything works just fine. I use the ONLYOffice app in Nextcloud which works well, but I’d like to try out Collabora. I have installed the app and the community server as per the instructions. In settings, I see that I am connected to the built in code server with a green tick.

When I create a new doc in Files Collab opens and tries to connect to the server but doesn’t move past 0%, it then times out to a blank screen with non-working Collab menus.

I have enough resources, 4 gig RAM, 2 cores of CPU in my VM, etc. No joy.

Have I missed something?

Best wishes


I have Collabora installed within docker on a VM but I don’t think it really matters all that much if you do it that way or another. Something isn’t configured on your end correctly since I’ve had a similar error in the past but I don’t remember how I got around it. Can you post configs and logs which might help.