Collabora Office with my own certificates

Hi everyone. First, sorry if my english is a little hard to understand.

I have searched into the forum and google, but I always get the same answers: To install a collabora office online in my Nextcloud server, I must use Letsencrypt. But I already have a trusted signed certificate and I want to use it, is this posible?

I had a server running from owncloud 8 and I migrated it to Nextcloud and updated it to Nextcloud 14.04.6 version, so perhaps I must change something in my original config files?

Thanks a lot for your help.

No, of course you can always run your own certificate. As you configure a reverse proxy you can install Collabora without encryption and terminate https at your reverse proxy.

Ok, Thanks a lot for your answer!!

And do you know any documentation or manual to follow and configurate it?? Or it is the same with letsencrypt but using my config.php and doing there the changes?

Thanks a lot again

P.D. Finally I get it running!! It was must easy that I thougt. Just follow and I got it!!

should be.

certificates are configured in the web-servers config. not the nextcloud config.

I was going mad with the letsencypt, but it was easier than I thougt.

Just having a working DNS pointing to, configure the server at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ with the commands found at the collabora oficial site howto and enable it, and installing and enable the modules and docker and et voila!!

Thans a lot for your help๐Ÿ˜Š