Collabora & Nextcloud behind HAproxy (opnSense)

Nextcloud version : 19
Operating system and version : Debian 10
Apache : 2.4.38
PHP version :7.3

opnSense: 20.1.8 with HAproxy 2.23

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to install Collabora with Nextcloud

I’ve already install Nextcloud on a CT in a Proxmox nodes and Nextcloud is working. I still have to optimize my installation but it’s working.

For accessing my Nextcloud, i’ve to option:

http://nextcloud.local.domain.tld (direct connection to nextcloud server)


https://nextcloud.domain.tld (in this case my HAproxy provide an SSL connection)
The communication between nextcloud server and HAproxy use HTTP.

But with Collabora and the loolwsd.xml, i’m confused, can you help me to correctly install Collabora in this environment ? Or give me somme advise ?

Thanks for your help.