Collabora modifications to NC and few enhancements

I am posting it here as i am not sure which one is the best category to assign this topic to. @mods please move it if necessary.

These are few modifications/suggestions which i am not sure is only me or anyone else seen/have it.
1- If you share a file(odt etc) via email or share link with users outside NC, there is this close button which close the doc but the header remain intact.
Suggestion: remove the close button if shared with non NC users?

2- Search icon is visible at the top which do nothing right now i guess. Logged in users can see the search results only when close the document. Non NC users see nothing.
Suggestion: Remove/hide it?

3- If a document is shared with other NC user without edit enabled, click only offer download.
Suggestion: Fix/update the backend to open the doc in read only mode instead of download?

4- This is more into Collabora editor. Its not possible to copy the content when shared with non NC users. Only can download. To me at least copy the content should be allowed.
Suggestion: Not sure, who can help here. NC or Collabora?

Right now i have these in mind, i may add more if i came across any.
Please feel free to correct me if there is workaround or its only me. :slight_smile: