Collabora loading too slow or not loading at all

I just setup my first nextcloud instance on a google cloud VM, small instance 2cpu, 2GB of memory.

Its a fresh setup and i am just testing it around and learning the features. Just me.
On my laptop, i have better luck loading the office applications from Collabora, or need to refresh the page multiple times to make it fully load, but on my cellphone i get the spinning wheel or this:

I have a terminal open showing the resources on the server at the time i am trying to load these documents either with the cellphone or the computer, here is what it shows:

So i donโ€™t see the CPU nor the memory are being pegged . Does the server needs even more beef to make this work or do i have a different problem?

Server Ubuntu 18.04
Nextcloud installed from the zip file option on
mariadb database

Thank you