Collabora issues


We have separate VPS for nextcloud, name And installed collabora online on another VP named

I have installed collabora using this procedure:

Now my first goal is to access collabora without reverse proxy

I have defined url in nextcloud office as :, and it is connected with green check

now when i try to access document it generates error at collabora server in syslog:

coolwsd[12288]: wsd-12288-12330 2022-08-01 07:05:22.427749 +0000 [ websrv_poll ] ERR Looks like SSL/TLS traffic on plain http port|

coolwsd[12288]: wsd-12288-12288 2022-08-01 07:05:25.431726 +0000 [ coolwsd ] WRN Waking up dead poll thread [update], started: false, finished: false| net/Socket.hpp:724

Please suggest


I don’t think this a good idea, even if you could somehow get it to work. All the traffic between the Nextcloud server and the Collabora server would be transmitted unencrypted over the internet.

Do you really set your collabora reverse proxy how it describe above?
Do you set your collabora server to disable https, meaning terminate https on your reverse proxy an use http in your LAN?

In nextcloud office config you do not need a port extension if your reverse proxy works.
Try to check the wopi xml service

OP doesnt’t want to setup a reverse proxy for some unknown reason, which isn’t a particularly good idea imho :wink:

Okay, then the try this with docker.
Of course works also with nextcloud docker image.

Did you even read the initial post? It’s about accessing a Collabora instance from an existing Netxloud instance which both are installed on separate VPSs. These servers are publicly available on the Internet and Nextcloud apparently already uses HTTPS, which is what causes the “issue” in the first place. Of course this isn’t a real issue becuse you shouldn’t use plain HTTP anywhere on a public network! @zohaib09 just needs to install Apache on the Collabora VPS and configure it as described in the instructions he linked to, and then I’m pretty sure the connection will work.

This is meant for testing in a local network in order to have a quick look at the features of Collabora. This is not a proper solution to the problem OP wants to solve and it should definitely not be done on a production server that is publicly accessible from the internet.

Please do not try to find workarounds for issues that would not exist if things were done right from the beginning. There are already enough insecure configured VPSs on the Internet, no need to add another one. :wink:

Of course, to avoid misunderstood. My hint is ONLY for testing suppose.

But the desired config with two vps, two certbot/apache reverse proxy based servers for nextcloud und collabora works like a charme.

Yup. And that’s what @zohaib09 should do too!

@zohaib09 If you do experience any issues configuring the reverse proxy and ssl connection, please try to address those issues, instead of looking for workarounds on how to make it work without HTTPS.

Yes, this should he do. Good conclusion… :wink:

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@bb77 Thanks a lot for reply. I have to configured reverse proxy with apache then it works. I tried alot to work it with http but may be it requires https requests from nextcloud.

After configuring apache reverse proxy all goes well. I was facing some other issue like [

Requesting address is denied: ::ffff:Public IP| wsd .requesting-address-is-denied-MypublicIP-wsd-loolwsd-cpp-1971/44179

This is also fixed by following

nano /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml

#find the line proto default=“all” desc=“Protocol to use IPv4, IPv6 or all for both” type=“string”>all</proto

Then it looked like this proto default=“IPv4” desc=“Protocol to use IPv4, IPv6 or all for both” type=“string”>IPv4</proto

And added the line to allow my nextcloud IP to access collabora host desc=“The IPv4 address.”>202\ .105\ .13\ .12</host

#sorry for some syntax issue in above lines forum is not allowing me to copy and paste here exact config

Above IP is an example and not my actual ip.

Then generated SSL certificate using certbot.

All this worked for me.

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Glad it worked out for you. :slight_smile:

@bb77 this post is solved. But just have another query regarding turn server.

I have configured turn server on separate vps. And configured in nextcloud as[default port of turn server]

Above setup works perfectly.

Can we configure turn server as a reverse proxy with https?

I tried a lot but no success … It seems turn cannot work on http/https reverse proxy. Can u provide a link that guide me through steps? Or is it not possible?

I never done that myself. But Google found this:

Maybe it is of any help.

Hi @bb77

Another question i have regarding collabora office.

Can we allow two nextcloud instance that are running on two different VPS on one collabora server (that is installed on separate VPS).

If yes please advice the procedure, one nextcloud is fully working with on nextcloud instance but not the second one. I have added host and allowed IP but at one time only one nextcloud instance is entertained. May be i am doing something wrong. please advice.

Yes this should be possible… Configuration — SDK documentation

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Two NC instances with one CO instance as you describe works at me without problems but if you should expect performance issues if you do not have enough RAM and/or CPU Power on your CO machine.

Thank you @bb7

But following configuration is not working.

host desc=“hostname to allow or deny.” allow="true"

host desc=“hostname to allow or deny.” allow=“true”>
alias desc=“regex pattern of aliasname”>https://aliasname[0-9]{1}:443/alias>

Please ignore < > / signs in above syntax forum is not allowing me copy exact text from config file.

It says in comments inside coolwsd.xml: If you need to use multiple wopi hosts, please change the mode to “groups”

But i dont understand this. I am definitely missing something. please advice

Issue resolved by changing mode=“groups” in <alias_groups desc section.

Thanks a lot @bb77 and all