Collabora integrated CODE server with Safari - Icons not shown

I have a Nextcloud 19-Installation with an integrated Collabora CODE-Server. The display is ok with all browsers except Safari and everything works as expected.

Under Safari (latest version with Big Sur), however, the icons in the button bar (bold, italic etc.) are not displayed. The buttons are there and have their function, but no symbol is displayed, so the use is “flight blind”.

The same thing happens with the IOS apps on the iphone or ipad (also the latest versions).

Is this a known problem? Or is there a setting somewhere that I overlooked (possibly server-side, as it shows up on different devices, since it appears on different devices)


I have the same issue - do you have solution yet?

Unfortunately, no

Something new for this problem or any solution now?

I have the same problem.

We’re trying to use a nextcloud server for educational purposes and the collabora integration looked promising. But unfortunatly it becomes pretty useless in our scenario when we can’t use the browser for editing documents online.

For example there are a few problems, here while editing presentations with safari (and also chrome) on an iPad:

  1. Not all icons aren’t visible. The “close” button on the right and the 4 icons left to that are missing. So we can’t do animations and transitions.
  2. Sometimes the nextcloud top menubar is just black and the icons there are missing.
  3. The virtual keyboard pops up in front of the working area and covers the lower 75% of it. Every item behind the keyboard can’t be edited. We also can’t zoom out or move the workarea freely to “uncover” those elements.

Maybe those problems are already known issues, but nonetheless they are a showstopper for us.

I have the same issue, nextcloud 21.0.1. Latest ios app.

Just wanted to check if there is any update.


Same here.

i resolved problem on IOS

I checked the nginx log And found the problem myself.
it gave an error that svg files are missing.
[error] 8333 # 0: * 13036 open () “/ var / www / html / nextcloud404” failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: cloud.myserver.local, request: " GET /apps/richdocumentscode/images/lc_viewcomment.svg HTTP / 1.0 ",

took these files from richdocumentscode.tar \ richdocumentscode \ collabora \ Collabora_Online.AppImage \ usr \ share \ loolwsd \ loleaflet \ dist \ images
and put them in / var / www / nextcloud / apps / richdocumentscode / images

and the problem was resolved