Collabora | Installation Guide for Synology Servers

I have different Synology servers (but all from ±series and with Intel Atom inside) and want to use Collabora. I follow your instructions was able to install the Docker image, which is running as well. But to configure Apache and all others, was not possible for me.

Because I´m no expert in this, could you support please?

The standard Instructions

are not working, only Docker image is running. Is support possible?

You probably need to share more information, like this it could be everything (e.g. Did you switch on your computer? :wink: )

Hi !
I’m trying to setting things up too :slight_smile:
The standard instructions can’t help a lot : the Synology’s Docker package is very different from a standard Docker installation, and the reverse proxy settings have to be made in a specific settings panel (In Webstation, clled “Virtual Hosts”).
Here are some steps I followed hoping something will happen :smiley: :

  • Creation of the subdomain office.domain.xx
  • Creation of the corresponding Lets Encrypt certificate in the Syno config panel
  • Create a reverse proxy (or Virtual Host in Syno) to office.domain.xx based on the port (HTTPS: 9980 / Document root: docker / Collabora (I created a collabora folder in the shared docker folder created automatically … Why, good question) / HSTS enabled / Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.6> The installation of Nextcloud does not work for Syngent with Nginx …)

In Docker:

  • Download Collabora’s image
  • Launch the image: In advanced settings,
    • Volume: File / Folder: / docker / Collabora, Path: / volume1
    • Ports settings: local: 9980 / container port: 9980 / TCP
    • There is also an “Environment” tab where I can enter execution commands …

For now, it does not work obviously. I do not understand how to configure the virtual host / reverse proxy, and I think the docker config deserves a little more settings …

Thanks for your help !!!

I doub there is a Guide, but i’ll share what i’ve figure out.

Apache 2.2 won’t cut it. You’ll need apache 2.4 for the reverse proxy.

Run your docker code using the command line, since you’ll need add some execution commands that are not available from the Environment tab, like


Have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advices :slight_smile:
However, I have a field to enter execution commands in the docker no ?

I don’t even know how / if I can run my docker using the command line (In general, when you execute something by yourself on Synology, everything disappear at the next reboot…)

And could I consider the Virtual Host as the same thing than reverse proxy on Syno ?

You do.

I get this in the logs when trying to run the docker container:

kit-00030-00028 01:20:57.902361 [ loolkit ] ERR Failed to install seccomp syscall filter| common/Seccomp.cpp:205

@sea3pea0 did you ever solve this error? Same here…

Is anyone succeeded to make collabora work on docker with Synology ?

So far I have downloaded the image, setup the ports, make the reverse proxy in Application Portal and it fails/restart continuously… ( FATAL: Failed to fork child processes)

Message in a bottle for someone who maybe have made it :slight_smile:

A lot of people also tried it in the german synology forum, but no one solved it ever.
Some people managed to start it with the orboan/collabora container, but they are only able to read and write in the files, but not save them.