Collabora install needs "subdomain or a second domain"


i installed nextcloud on my pi3 and i’m now trying to install collabora. I have an issue with that requirement : “A subdomain or a second domain that the Collabora Online server can run on”. How can i do this ? (yes i’m a noobs!).


This means that you need a domain separate from the one you’re running Nextcloud on, e.g. if you’re using the subdomain for NC, you could use for Collabora.

But since you can’t run Collabora on the RasPi, the domain requirement doesn’t matter.

Thanks for the answer. Do you mean that the raspi is “physically” unable to run Collabora or that i need to run collabora on an other server for functionnal reasons?

Well can i run collabora on an other PC, different from the one which uses nextcloud?