Collabora - free as in free beer?


Nextcloud provides a docker image for easy installation of Collabora Online. I have some questions regarding Collabora Online:

  1. Is the use of Collabora Online in form of this docker image free or does it cost anything?

  2. Is it free not only for home users but also for business / enterprise users?

  3. Does Nextcloud provide security updates for this docker images on a regular basis?

  4. Are there any notification possibilities in case new security updates will be released?

Thanks a lot,

  1. Free
  2. Free
  3. No, Collabora Online is developed by Collabora so Nextcloud ships no security updates but Collabora does
  4. Check Collabora’s websites

I like beer!

The CODE Docker image has limitations on the number of concurrent users and open documents so likely not suitable for all but the smallest businesses.

Collabora is still free for businesses but, as I understand it, the docker image provided doesn’t scale well so they don’t want people just putting it in and then getting a bad impression of the system. You either need the expertise to set it up properly for larger systems or you pay them for consultancy to do the same.