Collabora for Multiple Domains

I’ve installed Collabora from a Docker container and it works fine with our main Nextcloud instance.

But the thing is, we intend to host a number of Nextcloud instances for a few local small businesses on our servers. Each business getting its own Nextcloud instance.

So I’d like for the Collabora Docker image to work with multiple host domains.

You specify the domain on the docker command line with “domain=cloud\.nextcloud\.com” and I’ve discovered, from a bit of research online, that you can also use “domain=cloud1\.nextcloud\.com|cloud2\.nextcloud\.com” to specify multiple domains.

Whilst this will work, up to a point, I can quickly see this failing to scale well. Because every time we create a new instance for a new business, this requires restarting the Docker container and adding yet another domain name to the already long command line. Imagine if there were, for example, 20 instances sharing Collabora.

Is there a better way to do this?

Could you, for example, specify a wildcard “*” as the domain, then all subdomains of a domain can share Collabora?

Or, more usefully, have the docker image pull the “domain=” parameter from a file, so at least I only need amend things in one place?

Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Are you using Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE)? You know Collabora is limited to 10 simultaneous documents and 20 connections?

Yes, we’re using CODE.

And I was aware of limitations - but I didn’t realise just how low those limitations were pitched.

I mean, as we’ll be providing this to businesses, it would not be at all unreasonable to charge them a fee for this, which could pay for the commercial version.

But, looking on the website, I’m not a great fan of their pricing structure. “Per user per year” would be awkward. Are we meant to keep track of the comings and goings of the employees of each business? Audit them to double-check that they’re telling the truth?

We were going with a dedicated instance per business, exactly because we wanted to handle things “per instance” and not micro-manage “per user”. So this is irritating.

(Also, arguably, I’d say it’s unjustified. What they’re providing here - a software product - is not “per user”, so it shouldn’t be charged “per user”. It would be reasonable to charge per copy of that software product. But not “per user” - as the resources consumed by additional users is a burden on our servers and really has nothing to do with them.)

To avoid this you have to compile yourself CODE. A guy on the nextcloud forum created a topic on this and it’s working.
Look in the search function of the forum : script collabora no limitation

You can also set up a onlyoffice dedicated server and use it for all nextcloud instances.

I believe there also are docker images for onlyoffice.

Feel free to reach out to maybe you can work something out there.