Collabora Fails To Load Any Documents

I am getting the dreaded infinitely spinning wheel.

My Nextcloud is installed on My Collabora is installed on port 9980 and proxied via OpenLitespeed to, which has an automatic https redirect and an SSL certificate installed. The proxy is set up like so:
Proxy Rewrite:
vHost Conf:
Rewrite Rules:

I configured Collabora doing the following. First, I installed the default package via yum on CentOS 7 as explained here:

I edited my loolwsd.xml file like so:

I ran “sudo systemctl restart loolwsd.”

Finally, I added the Collabora Online plug-in in Nextcloud and I added the URL ( in the appropriate box.

Yet all I get is the infinitely spinning wheel. What am I doing wrong here?

Here is my Nextcloud log: