Collabora doesn't allow editing, pops up message: "CODE is the unsupported, Development version of Collabora CloudSuite‘s commercial on-line component"

As of lately, it often happens that, when I try to open a document in collabora, it Collabora won’t edit it, instead it shows an alert about it being the unsupported development version of Collabora, which doesn’t allow more than 20 connections or 10 users. This message started appearing a few weeks ago and I have seen it with regularity since. For now, each time I see it, I just restart the docker container. I haven’t checked how many users were connected to the office server, but I doubt any were. Next time, I’ll check in the collabora admin back-end before restarting (didn’t think of that before posting, stupidly)

Has something changed about collabora’s policy lately or does this look like a misconfiguration? Or are they somehow desperate to drive as many users as they can over to OnlyOffice (which is more responsive but has worse ODT support)?

FYI: onlyoffice also has similar limits on the free version.

Maybe, but I never got such an error message from OnlyOffice and I never got this error from Collabora until recently either. Next time I get this error, I will first check in the admin backend of collabora and see what it says about connected users and opened documents. Yesterday, after I restarted the Docker container, there were exactly zero users connected, even though a minute earlier, collabora refused to work because there were supposedly too many users. This looks like a bug to me.