Collabora does not show the document


I installed Docker and collabora/code, the dockercontainer starts but when I click a .odt document, collabora starts but does not show the document.

I checked if aufs is there, it is.

modprob aufs
returns nothing

grep aufs /proc/filesystems
nodev aufs

does one need to add office.domain.tld to the trusted domains?

I made the subdomain and it has a LE certificate.

I see no error in the protocol and now I do not know how to continu.
In PHP I had
[core:crit] (13)Permission denied: AH00529: /var/www/vhosts/domain.tld/httpdocs/data/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable and that β€˜/var/www/vhosts/domain.tld/httpdocs/data/’ is executable

.htaccess is world-readable and I changed the permission for the data-directory, but no effect so far.

I am almost there but seem to be missing something.

Ubuntu 16.04 with Nextcloud 13, the latest, just installed it a few days ago.


collabora needs sometimes a reboot/docker restart after the first setup.

did you restart everything?


did you mean a reboot of the server?
I will today restart docker to see if that helps.


a sudo systemctl restart docker as well as sudo docker restart <collabora-docker-id> should do the trick. sudo rebbot of course also.

i could figure out what is really needed. because i do a docker restart in my ansible playbook but it’s not always successful.

I restarted the docker, and the container, no luck.

So I started digging in the logfiles.

First of all I found that pm.max_children was too small, I have enlarged it and also all the other FPM settings.

Now the Nextcloud-instance (domain.tld) is running on PHP 7.0 - FPM on Apache
office.domain.tld is running on PHP 7.2 FPM on NGINX - must have overseen it during installation.

If I change NGINX to apache I get a WOPI-error.

The server is Ubuntu 16.04 with Plesk Onyx.

Collabora starts, it just does not load the file about.odt which is there for all new users.



maybe someone can give me a hint on where to search for a cause.

The server (and docker) have been restarted but I still do not see the document to edit.

What logfiles should I look at?

Thanks for any help.


I vaguely remember having this trouble. I think I had to manually kill old containers one at a time then restart the container. Also I had a problem with port choices. I had to do some funny mapping of the docker container at it’s launch. It was so long ago I forget where I got the help or what I did.

Try going here and posting an issue if you can’t find an answer in the issue list.

I will remove collabora and docker, update to nextcloud 15.04 and then install docker/collabora new.
I guess that the chance on success is bigger this way.


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I have now Nextcloud 15.05 checked the server, repaired all possible problems.

So I am ready to re-install docker and collabora.

First must search the right howto again . . .


Just figured out why it will not work.
The VServer cannot run Docker.

I have more server, 2 RServer, and wonder if it is possible to run collabora/onlyoffice on a different server and use federation to help the vserver-users to collabora/onlyoffice.