Collabora does not open document


I’m running a brandnew nextcloud 24.0.1 (not docker) on a dedicated managed server at IONOS. PHP Version 8.0.


Collabora does not open documents. The wheel is turning endless, nothing happens.
I checked that the Server is running (green).

I tried to turn up (in .user.ini) the php memory to 512M, 1G, 4096M – nothing changed.

What is wrong here?

The forum is full with collabora issues. Could it be, that Collabora Online generally does not work with nextcloud 24.0.1? It’s really desperately, not to find in this forum someone with a solution.

Thanks for any help.

Greetings Thomas

Yeah, I actually find it truly surprising how unpredictable that software happens to be. The big one that I’ve been seeing lately is that the “appimage” doesn’t recognize that glibc is installed on the host, even though it is. The problem has been present for several releases and yet nobody has bothered to fix it.

Anyway, the solution should hopefully be pretty simple for you, try this;

Find the file nextcloudroot/apps/richdocumentscode/proxy.php
locate the line containing return 'no_glibc';
comment out it and the two lines above it (starting with “exec”).

Now go back into your nextcloud instance, Settings → Administration → Office and note that the green circle/checkmark is misleading because it didn’t actually check. So select “use your own server”, and then “use the built-in CODE”. If the green circle/checkmark goes green after that, then try opening a document.

Hi Larry,
I’m so glad to received your answer.
I did what you suggested (comment out the 3 lines) but unfortunately the server does not start anymore. It is green when I select “use your own server” and if I choose then “use the built-in CODE” again it takes a while but the result is the red dot with the white cross (no connection to the Collabora Online server).
I would be grateful to receive additional hint(s) to solve this problem.
Greetings Thomas

If that’s not it on yours, then you’ll need to see what it spits out. Your PHP error log is a good place to look.