Collabora - Document Has Changed In Storage

Hi peeps. I am running a fresh NC19.03 install on Ubuntu. All Nextcloud functionality seems to be working okay. I managed to get Collabora working okay after a reboot using the built in CODE server. I was able to successfully create and edit a document with Collabora. I then installed the Windows client, synced files okay, and then edited a file in Word. The file then synced back to the server. My issue is the message shown which suggests the file has changed and will be reloaded. The file is never reloaded and the error remains. I am able to create NEW files using Collabora - and edit them. I just can’t edit a file that has synced with the client and then synced back.
I am going to do some testing with other browsers and files.

Anyone else had this issue?



Hey, I might have a fix:

Steps to replicate:

  • Create new Document
  • Collabora opens but I note is defaulted to German Language.
  • Add some text and save the file.
  • Wait for file to sync to local PC
  • Open File in Word on local PC
  • Edit File in Word (moans about language issue)
  • Save File
  • File Syncs back to Nextcloud
  • File will no longer open in Nextcloud.

This seems to be the issue I will do further tests.

Hmm, and I am unable to set these documents to anything other than German language default. There are other discussions about that but I have not fixed it.


Same here: Nextcloud21.0.0
running on Debian 10, php 7.3.27, apache 2.4.38