Collabora - corruption of .docx files

Hi everyone, my first post.

I am running the NC 17.0.3 in the Hansson IT VM (40G), with a docker version of Collabora 4.2.0 running outside the VM.

It all seems to work fine - except for .docx files.
I can:
Open a file -> view contents -> close the file -> re-open the file with no issues.

However, if I:
Open a file -> change contents -> save the file -> close the file -> re-open the file
the contents is corrupted.

The corruption is genuine as I have tried opening the .docx file in LibreOffice and it is just garbage.

Any ideas?

In later versions of the VM, you can use OnlyOffice without the need for a second domain.

Just run this script:

Just an advice. :slight_smile:

Thanks of the advice, have replaced Collabora with OnlyOffice and it seems much more stable/reliable/useable! :grin:

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