Collabora/code:4.1-snapshot docker image confusing

Hi nextcloudies,

i am working new a few months with nc / lool and most of all works fine. Today i am trying to check the newest collabora/code:4.1-snaphot in my two environments.

In my test environment - all as docker images of one physical machine with native ip address access without dns, apache and reverse proxy - switching to code image works without any problems. The same way at my private cloud - of course with https, dyndns, and apache reverse proxies - fails. Do i have to more modify my loolwsd.xml ? Other nextcloudies with same experiences here?

Regards, Ralfi

I did not have to modify loolwsd.xml at all in my setup. In fact I don’t even have it stored in a persistent volume. Everything it needs is passed from Docker. I’m not using a specific tagged image in my setup, just collabora/code.

It “fails” isn’t a whole lot to go on. Can you describe the problem?

Hi KarlF12,

fails mean it is not able to open a odt document of course and nothing helpful content in the log files…

My confusion based of the results from my two different setup. I mean, setting with collabora/code:4.1-snapshot works local perfect with ip but not with a “secure” setup form outside with https / fqdn and apache reverse proxy.

And of course secure setuip works perfect with libreoffice/online:master.

Is seems to me there must be modify settings in the apache reverse proxy conf because i can not resolve FQDN/hosting/discovery and this is essential for working nc / code (or lool).


I should read my own docs carefully! Set SSL disable between Apache Reverse Proxy and Docker Container solved this.