Collabora cannot save files

I have a 20.04.2 Ubuntu server with KDE on top.

Standard Bare Metal install of Nextcloud on Apache. Everything else is running fine. Server is reachable and running latest 20.0.8 and all checks passed.

I can create a new document just fine. I can then edit it one time. After that I can open it but nothing is there. And if I add something I cannot save.

If I connect to a demo server it is all well. It does lead one to think it is a permissions issue. Collabora can’t read or write to the data folder?


I think the answer is here. I have five nextclouds running at one time on one server. It seems that only one code server instance can run at a time because it takes the port. Ahhhhhhhhh. This cost me days.

Only one code editor at a time

Does anyone know a workaround? I would love to keep my NC installs separate. BUT in the end maybe one is better. Each one is for a separate school. They don’t tend to want the risk of mixing files.

Thanks for help.