Collabora app icon is not visible


After the update the nextcloud 11 rc1 the app icon from collabora is not visible in the menu. App is still running, I can open documents over the file viewer. (I hope you understand what I mean).

I can confirm this issue as well but with NC11 final.

Yep, same thing happening here.

Same here :slight_smile: No visible icon !

There was another thread about this. Seems to be on purpose, but is (like a few other changes) not documented well.

You can create new documents with the “+” button now and open them directly from the file view.

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Probably the icon won’t show up when Collabora Office doesn’t work correctly.
This is a feature not a bug.
To prevent users from trying to use it.

It was removed over here:

I think it makes Collabora Online much easier, because you don’t need a second interface with recent file listing, what we have now with Nextcloud 11 as a seperate menu in the files app :wink:



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