Collabora and xlsx


I’ve installed collabora with my nextcloud, it works properly (it’s not as good as only office, but much easier to install ^^), however, if I copy a .xlsx file from somewhere else in my nextcloud folder, I can’t edit it with colabora, I can only download it. But if, from the web interface, I create a new .xlsx file, I can edit it.

Any idea?

Thx! :slight_smile:

Hi, When you say you create a new xlsx file, do you mean you clicked the “+” and selected the Collabora button for Excel files (don’t know the name)?
If so, the reason this works might be, that you actually start Collabora with an excel sheet and the file extension doesn’t matter at this point. Later however the file extension does matter, because the right application to open that file needs to be discovered.

Why I’m actually writing, is to warn you and run some tests first. I had Collabora installed for a few days and edited my xlsx files. When I tried to open these files in MS Excel and later in Onlyoffice I noticed that Collabora corrupted these files.
While Collabora works with the open office format it might cause problems with MS office documents.

However I had to rebuild all MS office documents that I opened with Collabora on my server. Onlyoffice wasn’t even able to open these files, after I removed Collabora and installed Onlyoffice.

Oh ok, thx, It’s because collabora says it can open xlsx files on their page. Anyway, not a big deal for now, thx!