Collabora and Websockets - Invalid Status Line

Hi !

I tried to install Nextcloud with Collabora Online a few days ago.
Nextcloud install is fine, I’m happy but when I installed Collabora, I have some “problems”.

I have the Collabora docker container launched on, put some SSL certificates (required by Collabora plugin) and I have the list of the files but when I try to open a file, I have a “connection error” and this error below in my browser console.
WebSocket connection to ‘wss://…ocuments%2Fwopi%2Ffiles%2F46?access_token=P3vae8HS4dfOyrlSv9EMM8ZuM8ws0gPh’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Invalid status line

I’m sure it’s because I’m missing one little point but impossibru to find it.
Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:


This should really be posted on the collaboration thread in the apps category of this forum, as it isn’t related to installing Nextcloud itself. Unfortunately, as that category is only supposed to have one thread per app, I can’t just move your post into that category, so the best thing to do would be to copy and paste your post into a new reply there.

Hum, okay. It’s not the point of a forum in my mind but okay :slight_smile:
Before copy paste this topic, I don’t want to make any mistakes and there is just one subject about Collabora, with a question without any answer.
Is this the “one thread” you mentionned ?